How about another dish?

Together with the main dish.
Even refreshing salads and
delicious dishes .

* This is a menu of lunch time.


  • Today's Flesh Fish Menu

    The menu changes everyday. Please consult the staff.

  • Today's Pasta

    The menu changes everyday. Please consult the staff.

  • Today's Pizza

    The menu changes everyday. Please consult the staff.

  • Onion Ring Surprise

    It is a big onion ring which used two and a half of a big onion.
    It is crispy, It is tasty that you can not stop eating!

    • Price880yen
  • Assortment of Cheese

    • Price980yen
  • Pickles of Local Farmer's Vegetables

    • Price480yen
  • French Fries

    • Price480yen
  • Diner Set

    • Price580yen
  • Local Farmer's Vegetables Plentiful Salad

    It is a salad which used plenty of local farmers' lovingly fresh vegetables.
    Please choose your favorite dressing.

    • Price580yen
  • Local Farmer's Vegetable Petit Salad

    Plus vegetables in the main dish.
    It is the size of one person you eat.

    • Price380yen
  • Kids Plate

    It is a kids plate of authentic Western food handmade by chef.
    (Hamburg, omelet rice, fried shrimp, potato fries, petit desert fruit)
    【With toys and juice】 ※ For age under 8 years old

    • Price880yen
  • Maccha Ice cream and espuma parfait

    • Price1,380yen
  • Maccha tiramisu

    • Price800yen
  • Espuma (local Farmer's Vegetables)

    A smooth foamy mousse.

    • Price580yen
  • Gateau au Chocolat

    We use Couvertur chocolate.

    • Price580yen
  • Tiramisu

    Tasty Mascarpone and fresh cream.

    • Price480yen
  • Homemade Ice Cream Gelato

    It is a gelato that made at Restaurant-Furusato-Ichiban (Road station Nishikata in Tochigi prefecture).

    • Price380yen